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With a master’s degree in microbiology from Laval University, I have worked for over 20 years in publicly funded research. I am familiar with fundamental, clinical and translational scientific approaches. I am a co-author on more than 30 articles, some of which published in specialized journals with a significant impact (PLoS ONE, JACC, ATVB).
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Dominique Fournier (MSc)
Scientific Language Expert

Particular care must be taken with sentence structure and wording. This is especially true for scientific documents, as they are often submitted to committees for review. A clear and concise text that can holds the reader's attention is of utmost importance.

Over my career, I have perfected my writing skills in many areas. I have contributed to multiple grant requests as well as drafted ethics documents. Also, I have co-authored numerous articles about results of scientific experiments.


I offer professional language services to meet your needs. I will respect the confidentiality of every document I receive.


I am a member of CLEF (Carrefour des langagiers entrepreneurs, formerly ATAMESL).

Our mission statement

Les services linguistiques DF exists to provide customized assistance to scientific professionals that can help them secure financing, diffuse their findings and validate the integrity of their work in progress.

Here are a few examples of texts I co-authored :

1) Molecular biology - cardiology

2) Molecular biology - forest research

3) Microbiology - dentistry

“My services are aimed at a fast-growing customer base. I like to get to know my clients in order to understand their needs and help them reach their goals! Contact me today!”

Dominique Fournier, Scientific Language Expert

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